Yuttan is an obsession (2023.05.07)



Hello, everyone 〜( ¨̮  )


I received the baton from Yuttan. This is Matono Mio! 

I’m completely taken with Yuttan recently. 

The other day, when Yuttan found me, she smiled ☺️ and gave me a hug. 

When I say “Yuttan!” she will reply with “Miotan!”. 



AAAAAAAAAA, it’s so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! 




〇 Sakurazaka46 “3rd TOUR 2023” Fukuoka Performance 

Thank you very much! 

I saw my lightstick color, boards, towels up to the far part of the venue 〜!!

I promise to love you always ー!🤞🏻 


I ate my favorite Hakata Ramen “Shinshin” for the 1st day catering! 

I always have it after school with my good friends, I am so happy that I got to eat it again after a long time 😊


I also had the chance to see the celebratory flowers 🌸
All of them are so pretty… 
I looked back at the photos a lot of times. 
Really, thank you very much. 





For the 2nd day of Fukuoka, it was Seki-san’s final stage. 

I have a shy personality, and it’s not easy for me to speak out to people on my own but then she approached me when I am nervous, the warmth and kindness that surrounds her, Seki-san’s sparkling figure on the stage, the pretty dress she wore on the day of her graduation 

I will never forget it 

And, I am sooooooooooo happy that she called me “Matono!” a lot!! 

I wish a lot of happiness on Seki-san’s future path! 💐

I’ll always love you 









We went to a cafe on this day☕!

We always just eat ramen and sushi so we talked about going to a stylish cafe for a change, but neither of us is used to it, so we laughed the whole time 🍴 


Then afterwards, we ended up going for ramen …🍜 


Shizuki and I went to sushi recently too 🍣 

Salmon! Salmon! Salmon! Parfait! Salmon! 

It was like gems 💎 


I have been featured in “Bubka” June issue! 

By all means, please have a look〜!  


As Itoha mentioned on her blog, there was a friendly cat after we finished the shoot, so remembering it, I drew it on my shoulder🐱 





This time I will write about my favorite artist 🎤  

Te Okure Caution / =LOVE
(I really love Noguchi Iori-san’s voice before the final chorus…)

Niji no Moto / =LOVE
(I really love the voices of the two of them that I always listened to this all the way to school)


I really love =LOVE-san that I recommended it to Nagi, and she was hooked on them (^q^)




Tomorrow’s blog will be from Itohaー! It’s almost her birthdayー!Happy Birthday ー!!🎂 


By the way, yesterday night, I couldn’t stop laughing by myself when watching the video Itoha and I took while laughing 

In that video, no matter what, we went
“Because we ate udon today, we will surely be cute tomorrow” 
We said something like that but we, ourselves, don’t know what it means! 

Look forward to tomorrow 🤍 


I have a sudden urge to watch a horror movie, so I will watch one right now! 

I am not good at experiencing or listening to scary things, but I watch horror movies even though I am not good at it! 

I wonder what should I watch〜 

Bye byyyee! 

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