Yuuka-san is always… (2022.08.27)

There are so many words that come to mind

when I think of what could follow

“Yuuka-san is always”

Yuuka-san is

always kind

always reliable

always thinking of the good of the group

always thinking of the Buddies

always looks cool from behind

always cute

always lovely

always refined

always giving it her all

always a hard worker

There are plenty of other words
that come to mind too.

Yuuka-san really is all that

She always the very best captain, whenever I looked at her, no matter when it was
For me, she was someone I loved and admired.
I’m so glad I could meet a woman as wonderful as her in my life.

There are plenty of times when I was nervous, that Yuuka-san would give me a pat on the back. She’d put such amazing power into it, as if to say “Anpanman, take your new face!” and I’d feel 100 times better!

I love Yuuka-san’s cool performances and expression, and I’ve told her as much many times.
Yuuka-san is the type of person who,
Would praise my performances and go out of her way to get in touch with me after a concert and tell me she liked it. It made me truly unbelievably happy to hear that, and those words have become a treasure of mine that I keep close to my heart.

And I’ve been saved by Yuuka-san’s smile time after time.

The #1 that sticks out in my mind
is when we faced off against everyone on D-League.

Everyone was so nervous,
and just as we were about to start
Yuuka-san turned to us and said “Let’s smile everyone!”
with an unbeatable smile on her face.
It helped me so much, and I could smile naturally.

Whenever Yuuka-san would greet me or say goodbye
that’s something I’ve come to take for granted.

I still can’t even imagine
a Sakurazaka without Yuuka-san.

But coming up soon,
Sakurazaka members will be able to go around the country on a nation-wide tour.

I want to make lots and lots of memories with Yuuka-san
and send her off showing that I’ve become reliable, even if only a little bit.

When the 6 of us joined the group,
Yuuka-san said to us
“I’m taking you to Tokyo Dome! We’re going together!”

The fact that I can send Yuuka-san off
at such a dream-like stage
makes me so very happy.

I’m so happy I could be part of a group that’s captained by Yuuka-san.
Thank you so, so, very much.

I’ll love you forever and ever.


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