‪‪☺︎‬ (2021.03.31)



Thank you for your hard work today


When I eat,
Pomu would usually peek under the table,
Like, “What is that delicious looking thing?”


And when that happens,
I would give Pomu
the snacks I received from Tsuchida-san and Sawabe-san


It seems to be very delicious,
and would quickly beg for a bit more 🐶


Tsuchida-san, Sawabe-san, once again,
Thank you very much for Pomu’s snacks!


I’m usually peculiar about
dog foods and such


Pomu has a lot of tear stains, so trying to reduce it as much as possible, I choose foods that are good for his health


Pomu is a very important presence for me
So I want him to stay healthy everyday!🐶


And he watch over the house a lot,
when I came back from work


What is a soothing time for me,
is a stress relief for Pomu from watching over the house,
I try to make time to play with Pomu as much as possible 🤖


When I got home from work,
Pomu would be running to the entrance and jumping excitedly,
so I’m already soothed from that moment ☺️


It makes me feel many times
about how glad I am that Pomu came to my home


I want to give Pomu a lot of happiness from now on~ 🐶




Peacefully sleeping while being all wrapped up
under the blanket I received from Sawabe Award


It’s been warm recently,
So I guess it was a bit cold then?





New uniforms on SokoSaku starting from next week 🌸













Kira-chan is very much like a younger sister,
so it made me feel like I have to cover and do for her
things that are a bit dangerous,
she’s cute ☺️







The hairstyle for SokoSaku recording
are relatively free to decide,
so I would always consult with the make up artist on what to do


They would say “I like Miichan’s twintail~”
which made me so happy
that I would ask them (to arrange my hair into) a twin tail 😳


It somehow make me feel a bit embarrassed
And I always feel fidgety all the time~



Today’s music


I often listen to Novelbright recently
And among them, here are my 3 favorite songs


Novelbright’s / Revive , Yumehanabi , Believers


Well then





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