‪‪☺︎‬ (2021.11.03)

Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.



At the Saitama performance the other day,

we were able to safely finish

Sakurazaka46’s 1st TOUR 2021 🌸


To be able to meet

with Buddies from across the nation,

to be able to deliver our feelings to each other,


made me truly so happy.


Even though you can’t raise your voice,

many of your feelings have

firmly reached my heart.


I could clearly see

the handmade uchiwa, towels, and others as well. ‪‪☺︎


Truly thank you very much

to those of you who watched through the streaming.


The many sceneries

that you have made during the performance

has been firmly burned in my mind.


The feeling of happiness that I could feel again.


I am truly, truly, filled with gratitude.


I hope that we were able to deliver something memorable,

no matter how little,

even if it’s just one song,

something that will encourage you in your daily life.




I’d like to do my best from now on,

to be even bigger,

to be able to meet many more Buddies.




In Saitama performance

“Sonia” has been added to the setlist.


“Sonia” is born from the 3rd single,

the first song by BACKS members.


I thought, felt, and thought a lot

about the position that has been entrusted to me

in this song.


And I am sure for you too

there must be a lot of differing opinions.


That was all I think about

until before the performance.


But what [I think] the most is

how I want this song to reach the heart of as many people as possible.


This song

at first, feels like a cute song,


but by remembering and thinking

about the people important to me,

I took it as a song that is deep and makes you feel sad.


I hope that it could be conveyed to it

even for just a little.


And this is the first time BACKS members

have a song, so there is also a feeling

that I want everyone’s charm to be conveyed even more.


I hope that you can take lots of looks

at various members.


I will continue to sing this with great care.




photo by. Kira.M




During the tour,

we sit next to each other a lot, didn’t we? ‪‪☺︎


I don’t know if we are sitting next to each other

is something that just happen,


Perhaps because she sensed various things,

she reached out with many kind words

and contacted me.


I keenly feel Kira-chan’s kindness,

than you.



Personally, Karin-chan

is [someone] I can easily talk deeply about various things.


I feel that our relationship has deepened more

through this period.


You are a very reassuring presence,

truly thank you.



The manager took a picture

of how we stick together like a magnet

after the live performance ended.


It sticks pretty strongly,

I can’t unstick myself~.


Though it’s just me

not wanting to leave☺️



On the other day, the graduation of

Moriya Akane and Watanabe Rika has been announced.


From the moment I first hear about it,

I was filled with feelings

I never felt before.


Without being able to really organize it and write it into words,

I ended up delaying the update of my blog

I’m truly sorry.


They are my important friends

with whom for 6 years

I have shared a lot of things with.


The fact that there is nothing that lasts forever,

and how we shouldn’t take our days together

as granted,


I deeply know it,


I wanted something that I thought was important

to exist…


As we spend more time together,

and share more sceneries or emotions



The feeling of care toward my friends

grow more and more,


The more time we spend together,

the more I feel sad

and refuse to say goodbye


There were times where I distanced myself,

just to get away from that feeling,

even for just a little bit.


But in the end

I still couldn’t escape the feeling.


It just became more and more real,

and it only made me feel even more painful and sad.


The two of them for me,

are truly a presence that is like kind older sisters.


And irreplaceable, important friends.


Even if we are far from each other, my feelings toward the two of them

doesn’t change,


I hope that they could spend their time

laughing than ever before,

I want them to be filled with happiness.


While cherishing the remaining time I have

with the two of them as Sakurazaka,


I hope to be by their side,

so that the two of them could spend it with much happiness,

as many as it can.











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