‪‪☺︎‬ (2022.01.15)

Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.


And as I write, delete,

and rewrite it many times over,

quite some time has passed since then…


Happy new year. 🐯


Last year was a year

where I received a lot of power from the Buddies.


And more than anything

I was very, very happy

to be able to meet you directly in the venue.


And the words I received from you

from meguri and such

has become a great support to me.


And with it, my heart was filled with

feelings of gratitude to everyone and feelings of joy.


This year, I’d like to share even more things

with the Buddies,

and to carefully step forward, one at a time.


And we’d also like to do our best

so that we can also be of support to you as well.




On the other day,

3rd Single BACKS LIVE!! was held.


Truly thank you very much

to those of you who have visited the venue,

to those of you who have watched through the stream.



From here on out,

please allow me to put my personal thoughts into words

although it may be poorly written.


During this period, every day

I faced, felt, and think with seriousness.


And there are moments where I have no answer

to the feelings that came out inside of me,

that my mind goes blank,


There were also moments where

I could only feel my powerlessness,

and left with my anxiousness and pressure,

and it felt like those feelings are about to take over everything.


Looking back,

I think this might have been the first time

that I was this serious,

that I felt this emotion.


But feelings that I always unchangingly had inside of me,

is how in this concert,


I hope that the charm each member have

could be conveyed

to as many people as possible.


Once again I’d like people to know,

that everyone is strong, that everyone is the protagonist.


I want the confidence inside of everyone

to turn into an unshakable conviction.


The hope that Sakurazaka’s future

will be filled with even more possibilities.


For that purpose too, in this period,


I felt that I must be stronger,

I have to,

and once again I spent my time whilst getting a grip on myself.


The truth is that I don’t know how it looked

to you or the members.



I hope that those thoughts could reach you…


I hope that

Sakurazaka’s future and the charm and strength of the members,

could be conveyed very much.


And I hope that it could be

conveyed even more from now on

together with Sakurazaka’s music.




I felt that it has become a stage

where everyone trusted on everyone

and trusted on themselves.


After the concert, everyone’s smile looked so sparking,

I was very, very happy… ☺︎



It really touched me

how there are many people

who would clap at the end of every song.


Even if you can’t raise your voice, it was direct.


It has been conveyed

very much.


Truly, thank you very much as always.



And, it’s been a long while…


But since I have firmly decided

on a personal goal for this year

I’d like to share it.=


I often feel the difficulty of words.


Even though it has no deep meaning,

and I want it the meaning to reach you as it is,

there are times when the meaning is transformed.


Maybe I’m worried about it too much,


but even if you told me not to worry about it

I still do.




Let me convey it with my actions. Let me show you.


Even if you don’t accept it,

even if you don’t approve of it.


So that one day.

It could be conveyed.


And so that I

could read between the lines of others.

Please treat me well this year as well. 🐯



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