BACKS LIVE!! (2022.01.16)



Thank you very much for opening my blog


I’m Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira


BACKS LIVE!! was held

on 8th and 9th January


Thank you very much to those who have come to the venue, who watched through streaming!



Koike-san 🐶

It was a time when Koike-san’s words made me realized so many things!





We have the same hairstyle 🎀





I wanted to win against my previous self, and I practiced so hard to achieve that goal, but I still have regrets as I think that I could have done more.


I think that being able to learn about your own issues and current situation, so without wasting it, I’d like to make use of this experience to connect it towards the future.


Pictures 〜📸

We shared a symmetrical position for Nagaredama 🔫


Dead End was so cool




Ozeki-san centered Buddies was so warm, I love it 🕺


I burned it into memory





This time

I was able to perform as “Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai” center.


While choosing for the song to center,

there was a moment where I put aside the bright melody, the memories, the fun performances of this song etc and thoroughly read the lyrics.


When I face this song head-on rather than in an objective way, I found that phrases that I hadn’t paid attention to before has taken on a stronger meaning, and the scene of the story that was going on in the song came to mind more delicately than before, which changed my perception of the song as a whole a little.


I love this song, I treasure it.


With the feelings of hoping that this song could encourage someone even a little or could cheer them up like how it did to me, I went for this song!


But after all, the most important is how fun it is to meet everyone in the eyes and smile at each other, and it was also big how I wanted to see the whole performance from a different perspective than usual.




How was it? 👀




Thank you very much for reading until the very end


Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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