BACKS LIVE’s Sakura (2022.01.16)


Thank you very much for opening this blog!



I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho

from Shizuoka 🐟🌻






To those of you who attended in the venue,

To those of you who cheered through streaming


Truly, thank you very much!!



The passion of the all the members

and Buddies united into one


I think that it has become a fiery hot concert!






When I heard about that the second BACKS LIVE will be held,


I thought that

I must definitely surpass the last one


I was also anxious

whether I could surpass that amount of passion or not.






In order to become stronger

and show the Buddies how much I have grown


I made up my mind,

and faced myself every day, trying to give my best.




As I went through the tough days with the members, I came to love and cherish them greatly even more.


I want to be someone

who can support the center from behind.


I came to think that I want to be

someone who can convey what the center wants to convey

together with her.





When I became very scared of the one-time only performance,


the members and managers


always encouraged me by saying “You can do it”

and I was saved many times.



And at every time,


I remembered the fans,

the words they said to me in meguri,

the words the wrote to me in letters,


I was never alone.


I am extremely grateful.




The “Nagaredama” that I centered


it was truly scary


But in order to surpass my previous BAN self,


I had to push myself with this song with strong lyrics, and gathered my courage.





During the rehearsal period,


I thought a lot about the feelings of the Nagaredama protagonist,

and snuggle close to them





I didn’t want to think about the choreography at all during the song, so I threw myself at it and let it soak into my body

and tried to concentrate on my emotions.






Through this song,



Because the heart of a human, me included, are fragile,


from one’s environment, betrayal, or words that are spoken lightly

it can be frighten, hurt, lose one’s identity,

broken up.




That’s why we have to have a feeling love for everyone,

the responsibility to the words we speak.




Because there is no one in this world

who is fine with being hurt


It’s inevitable

that the depth of the love is different from each person


But, if everyone has even the littlest amount of love




Then we all could live as ourselves.



I hope that you never forget

how easy it is to drive another crazy

I hope that the world will be kinder than it is now.


Those are the feelings that I put in my performance.





I’m sorry if it came across

like a high‐sounding talk.


But I put on these feelings from the protagonist into this song, and I wanted to convey it.




I had a lot of things that I regret, lots of things to reflect on

and I was feeling down for a few days,


But I switched up my mind,


and thought, “That’s your room for growth!”



Being able to win against myself,

Being able to put out everything that I had at the moment,


And more than anything, to have fun,


I’d like to give myself her due.







Buddies, thank you very much

for always being the reason we could do our best!



From now on, while facing myself

I’d like to grow a lot together

with the Buddies!




I will devote myself and do my best for Sakurazaka46.


I look forward to your continued support ☺︎








The words Minami-san sent to the group


a day before the concert,


contained all of Minami-san’s kindness and strength

that I was struck by her words


I felt so happy to be her junior.


I thought that I want to follow her with all I can!



Thank you as always☺︎





Thank you very much for reading until the end!




I will never forget

the view from Tokyo Garden Theater’s stage.




Akipo 🐟






You were caught in a 34cm swamp


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