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Thank you for your hard work today



Today, April 14th,

Sakurazaka 46 2nd single”BAN” was released


This morning, I visited
The Shibuya Tower Records


When I walked around the store in circles
The ceiling was fully decorated with Sakurazaka


I felt a lot of love from the panels and others things
I was filled with a lot of
gratitude and happiness 😊


Once again, I hope to spread
Sakurazaka’s music to as many people as possible
I will do my best (to achieve it)



Hachiko-kun at Tower Records


Habu-chan took this picture
with her wonderful camera 😊


The longer I look at Hachiko
He started to look more and more like Pomu
I’ve become fully attached to him. 🐶



To match the Tower Records’ logo,
Seems like Hachi is also leaning.


I didn’t know~ So deep (the meaning)


April 13th (Tuesday) – April 16th (Friday),
From 20:00 to 24:00 (JST)
Tokyo Sky Tree will be illuminated with a lovely and beautiful special lighting inspired by Sakurazaka
Please have a look.


And then, can only be seen
At Sky Tree Observation Deck


A “Monument to deliver wishes” exhibition called “W1SH RIBBON” has wishes written by all the Sakurazaka members, there are also panels of our MVs on display 😊



If you have time
By all means, please take a look!




Why is it extremely blurry?





Someone waltzed in,
and sat on my lap


It was Yui-chan🐶


This is my favourite snack recently!



“The baked Tabekko Doubutsu with chocolate is amazing


When I act as a snack store to Ten-chan
she also said that it’s delicious 😊


Well then






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