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Thank you for opening this blog.




I’m Endo Riko, a 17 years old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.




Though every day lately the weather has been hot, yesterday it rained right~




Do you guys like the rain?



I like rain so much that I don’t even mind not using an umbrella.




The other day, I went for a run with Miu,
But on our way back, there was strong wind and light rain pouring down.



The wind was really strong,
We both got excited and laughed a lot.



I can’t be the only one that enjoys going out without an umbrella when the weather is bad,,,






[3rd TOUR 2023 in Kanagawa☺︎]



Yesterday the Kanagawa leg started right~!!

Since there was quite a gap from the Fukuoka leg,
I really wanted to meet you all so bad. ☺︎




It was revealed yesterday on the tour,
We will be releasing our 6th single. ☺︎


In 6th single too,
I want this to be a wonderful single. ♪


Everyone, please look forward to it okay~




Tomorrow will be the last day for the Kanagawa leg!

To everyone who will come,
Please look forward to it, okay!







☺︎This is a two-shot with Mio during the Kanagawa performance. ☺︎



I rarely have a two-shot with Mio,
and she got a bit impatient.



She’s too cute right?!


Let’s take more two-shots from now on okay~



The more I get to know her, the more of her youngest member side floods out
Mio-tan, I love you!!






[Question Corner]


I will now answer the questions that I’ve been asked in your letters little by little okay~



⚪︎What’s your favorite dog breed?

Since I have a toy poodle as a pet,
So I guess I like poodle after all~ 🐶

Ah, papillons also have cute ears, I like it ☺︎

But after all,
Any kind of dog is cute, I love them~!!



⚪︎Are you a summer type of person or winter type of person

I’m the winter type!!

The reason is,,,
I wonder if Riko team would know it??



⚪︎Are you aware that you’re a 👶

I’m not, lol





Though there’s still some questions that haven’t been answered yet,
I will be answering them little by little so wait for it okay~☺︎







↑Nagi-chan(Mind to mind communication)♡
Airi took the picture~!



This is the picture we took during the tour!
I think this is from the Tokyo performance,,?



Nagi-chan is really honest and cute. ☺︎

Since she is also great at talking,
It’s really fun to listen to her talk!!

I admire Nagi-chan’s communication skill.








Lately I’ve been into curling my eyelashes. 


Since the makeup artists use the heated curler,
And I’ve always wanted to try using it,
I ended up buying one. ☺︎




How do they look? My eyelashes when they’re curled

I wonder if it will be hard to recognize it from this picture?



Though I’m still learning to use it
The difference between my eyelashes when I use it and when I don’t changes drastically!


If you guys also want to curl your eyelashes, I recommend this.
It also makes it easier to create bundles. ☺︎




In this picture, my bangs have grown out right.
So yesterday I cut my bangs~!



Do you guys prefer if I style my bangs or not?


I think there’s a lot of 3rd gens that don’t style their bangs right~




By the way,
Lately I’ve been changing between letting my bangs down and styling them up, did you guys realize it? 🫣





Well then, the blog this time will end here.

Thank you for reading until the end!



Please look forward to tomorrow’s performance in Kanagawa.



Look forward to Reina-chan’s blog too~

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