☺︎‬ (2022.02.13)



Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.


I told Matsuri-chan before
“Miyazaki Prefecture’s kumquats are delicious, aren’t they!”
She remembered the conversation from that time




Delivered from Matsuri-chan’s parents’ home
Together with Fuu-chan who also likes kumquats
we divided them 😳


I’m too happy…


To Matsuri-chan、
and everyone in Matsuri-chan’s family、
Truly thank you so much!


I will savor every little piece🍊


Too blissful😳


Miyazaki’s kumquats are sweet、
The whole thing up to the peel is delicious and easy to eat
Everyone, definitely please try it too‪‪☺︎


Really thank you so much Matsuri-chan…!😳





I’ve brought it out quite late、
Twintails Day.


About two weeks after.






Pomu-chan is trimmed and refreshed🐶


Somehow he’s like a baby.
Honestly so beloved~.




Have a good night.




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