☺︎‬ (2022.11.17)

Good evening


Thank you for your hard work today.


A few days ago, we completed safely
the 2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?” ☺︎


To everyone who came to the venue,
and to everyone who watched the broadcast,
thank you so much ☺︎


I believe this tour was
really packed with a lot of the current
Sakurazaka46 of this very moment.


During this period,
I was extremely inspired by the members
who were trying new things
and those who were challenging various things.


More than anything else, it made me really, really happy
to see the members coming down the stage
with a smile in each performance.  


In their smiles,
I could feel all the feelings that were packed
from each day.


I hope that this period
for both the group and
for each of the members,
can lead to both growth and self-confidence…


And to all the Buddies.


I’m really thankful to you

for giving me the opportunity to see

so many beautiful views in each of the venues.



Thanks to the support from all of you,
we were able to hold a tour in this way and
visit many different places in the other regions,


and I feel that it was also because of your support,
that we were able to stand in our big dream stage,
the Tokyo Dome.


I believe the most important thing we can do for everyone
is to deliver the full power of
the current Sakurazaka46 to all of you.


From now on, Sakurazaka46 will go even further.
I want you all to see it.


Once again, thank you very much for letting
Sakurazaka46 be part of your life,
and for all of your support.


I hope that Sakurazaka’s performance
can remain in the hearts of everyone
at least for a bit.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ‪‪☺︎


And then, at the final Tokyo Dome performance,
we had the graduation ceremony of our captain Sugai Yuuka who had been supporting the group since a long time ago.


That day will not come.


She was by my side while I was wishing that in some way,
and then suddenly, that moment where I felt very lonely arrived.


It’s become like a story that is told for the 100th time, but…


When I just started,
I had to commute from the countryside to Tokyo,
therefore, I could only go to Tokyo during the weekends,  
and sometimes I couldn’t participate in the lessons,
so it was quite hard to fit in with the rest of the members.


Even when I was finally able to move to Tokyo,
because I was originally an only child,
I was full of anxiety each day.


At that time, Yukka took me out around the town,
and these were the words that she casually said to me,


“You can call me big sister”


Those few words were the happy words
that warmed up my heart immediately.


I have family here as well.
After that, I was able to see the members as fellow companions and like family.


That’s how I felt,
so I called Yukka “Big sis” many times
and I relied on her a lot,


It was also because of this that I was able
to get closer to all the members.


Even for me at that time.
And even for me right now.
Those really were the happy few words
that gave me a big push.


I don’t call her “big sis” anymore,
but in my heart, she will always be like a big sister to me,
she is someone very important to me and one of the people I love the most. ☺︎  


For the rest of my life, forever and ever,
we will always be allies~!


Next, I will do my best with one million horsepower “ganbariki” 🐴♡
so that I can become a big sister too for the 2nd gen members and
for the 3rd gen members who will be coming soon.


Thank you so much.
And thanks for your hard work.  


☺︎‬ (2022.11.17)






















I hope your days after this are filled with happiness.


Let’s continue to be in touch from now on as well!
I love you~~~




Let’s all get together again
and let’s do “Time Machine de Yeah!” ~ 🤙🏻


I will post the photos of the tour at another time ☺︎



I’m sorry for bringing my personal affairs, but..
a few days ago, I turned 24 years old ☺︎


At the beginning of the week,
I did a SHOWROOM broadcast at a time where you must have been tired,
so I’m very grateful for all of those who came to join
and thank you very much for all your
congratulations comments as well.


I could really feel the happiness of
being able to celebrate with everyone… 😌


Although 24 is just a number,
I feel like a lot of time has passed,
and I’m still so immature…


In order to be independent as a woman,
once again, I would like to do my best so that I can face myself and grow
while I enjoy my days as a member of the group. ‪‪☺︎


I’ve received so many blessings
from everyone…


As long as I am an active member of Sakurazaka46,
I want to do my best and demand much more of myself.


I will continue looking forward to your support.








And then, on the day I turned 24,
I wanted to start something new,
so, when thinking about creating a place where I could feel closer to everyone…
I decided to open Instagram 📷♡


The account name is


I’ve been able to post
with the help of the members and the staff,


but It’s still surprising to me how this works,
I really don’t know, so if there’s something that screams “That’s wrong~!” please let me know by all means… 🙇🏻‍♀️


I think I will be updating it at my own pace,
but there are various things
that I’d like to share with everyone.


It would make me happy if you could please be patient with me 🥲
Thank you so much for your support.








I’m going to buy a camera.



Well then.



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