Thank you very much for opening this blog. I’m Sakurazaka46’s Seki Yumiko 🐱







I put this on Instagram too, but I went to see the panels from AEON Card ☺︎


I went there in secret while watching you all while you were lined up in the goods and fan club lines.

I went to take a look in the early morning, but there were fans who were there earlier than me, it made me very happy.


Thank you to those who noticed me ☺︎




And truly thank you very much to everyone who has gone to the Aichi performances!


It was very fun!!!
That is all I have to say.

I have always loved Aichi ever since I visited there on my first tour.
I’m glad I could go there.☺︎

I’ll be visiting again on my own time!



I will be posting offshoots that are mostly with 3rd gens.
Everyone came to me asking for a picture together. Cute.




I promised Miu and Yu I’d call them by their first names.
I think that our vibes are considerably similar.
She smiles whenever our eyes meet ☺︎




On the first day, Miu and she came to talk to me.
The two of them talked about how sad they felt.
So cute ☺︎
I told her about some dog videos I recommend lol




It seems that she was restlessly waiting while I was taking pictures with the other 3rd gen members.
She’s like a small animal, makes you want to adore her.



3rd gen’s big sister.
I talked to her about how I also entered the group when I was 20 years old.
I hope that Rika-chan can relaxedly do her activities in her own way ☺︎




The funny Yuuzu-chan.
The way she drinks soup with a seemingly sad expression is truly cute lol
She’s good at leading the MC too, which I think is amazing ☺︎







And then Morita Hikaru-chan!
A 2nd gen out of nowhere!
I love Morita Hikaru-chan!!



Matsuda Rina-chan!
I also love Matsuda Rina-chan!!!


That’s how I feel.
I’m happy I could take many pictures ☺︎




And thank you for the flowers ☺︎




Thank you as always ☺︎



It has been decided that my graduation ceremony will be held on the last day of the Fukuoka performances!

I’m happy to finally be able to tell you ☺︎


By all means, please look forward to it!



Well then, that’s it for today!


Thank you very much for reading until the end!


Seki Yumiko🐱

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