🌸 (2021.05.08)


One week has passed since it turned May 🎏
How are you doing, everyone?〜

Yesterday an announcement was made to the homepage,

But I will be taking a break from our activities for a while

I’m sorry for the sudden announcement,

and how I wasn’t able to update my blog after that

I have been taking a day off work since the other day, and each time I’ve been trying to be in a good health,

But I made this decision,

because I want to take a proper rest,

and do my best in my activities again

I’m sorry for the inconvenience I caused to so many people

I’d be happy if you could wait until I can do my activities again! 🌸


I’m sure that you too, are not able to do your activities as you wanted due to COVID pandemic,

But please take care of yourselves and and take it easy!

Ozeki Rika

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