🌸 (2022.0.7.22)




It has been announced on the official website,
Sakurazaka’s performances in “W-KEYAKI FES. 2022” have been canceled.



I am very sorry
to everyone who had worked hard to get a ticket,
who had planned to come from a far away,
everyone who had been looking forward to this concert and making preparations for it.



What I hope for above all is that
the members, who always work hard, can take their time to rest and return in perfect condition.



I earnestly hope that you too
can take care of your health without working too hard.




while I still don’t know what form it will be in the future,
I hope to be able to convey my gratitude to the Buddies directly before graduating, so when there is another announcement about it, I hope that you could give it a look.



Of course, I feel disappointed,
I am sure that you must also be feeling the same
I’d be happy if I could spend a wonderful time filled with smiles with you until the very end ☺︎



I appreciate your continued support 📣





For those who have gone to watch Hinata-chan’s LIVE or are about to
please enjoy it to the fullest while taking proper precautions against infection! ☺︎



As of now, I am doing very well!
I’m thinking of using the time to kick back and relax.


Everyone, please have a great weekend!✨




Harada Aoi


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