🍜😋😮‍💨👍 (2023.10.08)

I used to think that “Summer means concerts!!”, but this year it has completely changed



“We have a lot of things planned for this summer”



Now that I’m feeling the end of summer, I think I finally understand the meaning of these words I heard at the beginning of the year



It has been such a fulfilling summer…


I was also able to meet a lot of Buddies, I am very thankful for those days





Sorry for the late blog, but I will try to write about what I have not yet written about in order with pictures ^_^



First of all, the Shiga location filming from Sokosaku!!








It was my first location filming with 3rd gen members~ 👶🏻 So cute



Energetic girls 👩🏻





It was my long-awaited first visit to Shiga, and I could feel how Lake Biwa was so much bigger and grander than I imagined, the people of Shiga’s kindness and warmth, and most of all how much Yui-chan is loved by the people in her hometown as well 🤍








Thanks to Yui-chan, I was able to go to Shiga! Thank you~ 👧🏻










On 21st August, 1st generation celebrated our 8th anniversary 🎉


Thank you very much for celebrating it!!



8th anniversary sounds like a very long time, but it feels like it hasn’t been that long…


No, I guess it’ll be long when I try to remember everything…?




Oh, right

In an audition show that recently started [T/N Produce 101 Japan The Girls], there girls who performed “Fukyouwaon”


I was sincerely happy that, among all the many songs out there in the world, they chose our song to perform!



It’s an important song, so even if it’s not something passed through generations, I hope that it remains in someone’s heart and memory










On 26th August, I had a pair line with Rei-chan for national meguri 🧀



Thank you very much, thank you to Rei-chan’s fans as well!








My eye makeup that was done by the makeup artist was so beautiful that day that I had to take a picture of it 🤳💟










We also appeared in “Love it! Rock 2023” 🐰🎸

Thank you very much!!




Renaa’s grayu look was so cute… I wanna see it again…










On 3rd September, we had our final national meguri for 6th single~



I had a pair line with Habu-chan 🫶


Even though we were together the whole time during break time, we didn’t take any pictures 🥲🥲




Truly, thank you very much for the meguri in the 6th single period as well!!







“Sakurazaka46 Avatar Party @ SokoSaku Metaverse” event was also held!


Truly, thank you very much to everyone who came 🙏🌟



I did the Sakurazaka version of the “Dance & Fitness using Keyakizaka song” that I used to send in my mobame during COVID pandemic in 2020~ 🕺 How nostalgic lol



It brought out the sweat, isn’t it?



Thank you for moving with me~








🐇 Day off 🐇










Information on 7th Single is also gradually being released!



It’s too late to say this, but Sakurazaka46’s 7th Single “Shonin Yokkyu” will be released on 18th October!



We are releasing three singles this year… Amazing



Truly, thank you very much!!



While I wasn’t able to participate in the title song, I’d like to keep in mind how I am still a part of Sakurazaka46


And I will sincerely cherish all the fans who continue to support me ☺️


I want to communicate a lot with the members so that we can be a group where everyone is comfortable to be in…!









It has become a long one, so thank you very much for reading!

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