🍦* (2022.08.01)

Good evening

I’m Kobayashi Yui

It’s August now, isn’t it~?


I have returned to work starting today!

Thank you very much for the many warm words!

And I’m sorry for making you worried,

I’m doing well 🙌🏻




The replacement date for W-KEYAKI FES.

has been decided to be on August 19 and 20!



I feel the utmost gratitude to all the staff, all related parties, and Fuji-Q Highland,
who made many adjustments in various areas despite the short notice.



There is information posted for those who cannot make it, so please check it on the official website




I’d like to regain my physical strength, to beat the heat of August,
and more than anything, take greater measures against infection,
to create wonderful summer memories with you 🌈











And finally, on the day after tomorrow, the 3rd of August
Sakurazaka46’s 1st album “As you know?” will be released!



There are many pictures, in the booklet and such
New songs are included too, so by all means, please look forward to it 🤍







see you again ⊿⊿




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