🎐* (2022.08.27)

I slept at 10PM, and woke up at 5AM feeling great
So I thought, “Ah, today seems like it’s going to be a great day”
Then when I turned on the TV, the fortune-telling result showed Libra at 12th.


Forget it, I’m going back to bed.








It’s Kobayashi Yui



Good evening












Although August is already almost over,

have you gotten your hands on

Sakurazaka46’s 1st album “As you know?”







Various songs from the 1st single until the 4th single,

and 5 new songs are included in it





We have already had the chance to perform the album’s lead song “Masatsukeisu”
on several occasions


I was very happy to hear your impression of it from meguri and the like








The artwork for the album, which we did in Okinawa, was also beautifully finished,

I think that you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the other artworks we have done until now




The booklet inside contains many more pictures, so by all means, please take your time to enjoy them





The costume felt new too~






We didn’t have much time until we needed to board the plane home to Tokyo,
so I went to eat soki soba with Fuuchan, Yukkaa, and Habu-chan at super fast speed together~ 🤤




I’d love to go to Okinawa again










On the release date, we went to visit Shibuya Stream-san, where we were able to exhibit the artwork,

and SHIBUYA TSUTAYA-san who always puts in so much love
when creating the exhibition

I was also able to write my sign and other things too!



Did any of you come to see it~?










And along with the album release, I was also interviewed by


TV Guide-san
DAM Channel-san!


Thank you very much!





DAM Channel-san released it in web-only videos


And since a video is also being played at karaoke stores nationwide,
I would be happy if you could watch it the next time you go for karaoke!





Please give your continued support for

Sakurazaka46’s 1st Album “As you know?”🌸






















The other day, we were able to hold

the “W-KEYAKI FES.2022” transfer performance!




It was a concert that was canceled once,

but it was truly like a miracle how we were able to hold a transfer performance a month later,


I can’t thank you enough 🥲








On the first day, we performed songs that we hadn’t been able to perform directly in front of you, as well as new songs!



There is no online stream for it,
but I’d be glad if many people enjoyed it






And on the second day,
there was a graduation ceremony for Harada Aoi and Ozeki Rika




I’m glad to have been able to warmly send off my genmates, with whom I shared joys and sorrows together for seven years,
from a memorable place





While of course, I feel sad about it,

My promise with Aoi to go around tasting sweets together still hasn’t been fulfilled,


As for Oze, we’ve been planning a trip somewhere with Fuuchan and even made a group chat for it, but we haven’t fulfilled that either,


So I plan to persistently keep in touch with them. ←




I hope that we can each do our best from our respective places




To everyone who came to the venue,
To everyone who watched through the online stream,


Thank you very much 🗻❕
























With the end of Keyaki Fes…




it has been decided that we will hold a National Arena Tour again this year!




This year, we will be visiting six cities
,Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyagi, Aichi, Fukuoka, and Tokyo




The finale is our first Tokyo Dome as Sakurazaka46


And with the end of this final performance
,Sugai Yuuka will graduate from the group.





I want to have a lot of fun at our last concert with Yukkaa,

and I would like to show you the Sakurazaka46 that can only be shown with the current members






By all means, please do come and see us 😌



















I was able to guest in “LAWSON presents Hinatazaka46’s Hottohitoiki!”

for two weeks in a row 🙇





I was able to chat a lot with Kageyama Yuka-chan~

It’s been such a long time since I spoke with Kage-chan that much, so I was very happy!





You can also listen to the exclusive after talk in AuDee,
so by all means, please do give it a listen!





I hope that we can interact again in many more places






























◇ I will be appearing on “Run for Money”
that is broadcasted tomorrow, 28th August…!!




I was very nervous, was very scared,
and had so much fun




This time, it was held on Hatsushima, and we had to cooperate with the islanders,
and the missions are very interesting as well



It starts at 7 PM, so please look forward to it 🏃💨





There were so many things that I wanted to write, so it ended up being a long entry
Thank you very much for reading this blog





see you again⊿⊿

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