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With the thought that I really should reduce the amount of things I have at home
I started to declutter
The 71 pairs of shoes that I had
ended up becoming 65 pairs
but as I was sorting it out, a new pair arrived.

Kobayashi Yui’s Minimalist Project
is going in slow motion.





It’s Kobayashi Yui

Good evening





Entering September,

all the dates for 6th single meet & greet have also concluded


It made me very happy how so many people

came to love the 6th single “Start over!”


I really experienced a lot of things during this single period



First of all, “The Hidden Fortress” stage play

Before it started, I had worries about whether or not I would be able to complete all the performances,
and thanks to the support of many people, before I knew it, I was able to reach the last performance.

I also felt happy at the time when I was able to be Yukihime.

I am very grateful
to have been able to meet this work,
and for you to be able to meet this work as well.




Next, we were able to do an overseas performance in

“Japan Expo Paris 2023”
“Japan Expo Malaysia 2023”

It was my dream to be able to perform overseas with the group.

Even across the ocean, there are many Buddies,
they support us so passionately that it doesn’t feel that there is any language barrier between us.

We have been wanting to meet you, too.




And we were also able to appear
in many music shows, festivals, and events

However, due to the schedule running in parallel with the stage play,
there were festivals and events that I couldn’t join.

While that was regrettable, it made me really happy to think about how
by appearing in various events like this, those who didn’t know about us
could come to learn about Sakurazaka46 a little

I also learned about the toughness of the 3rd generation members, who entered my position.




And then, the important day that marked my 8th anniversary
of entering this industry [21st August] also came during 6th single period

When you express it in numbers, like “8 years”,
somehow it doesn’t feel enough.
It feels like I have worked longer than that.
I think in that sense it’s been such an intense eight years


And, it’s time for another send-off, huh?

Let’s laugh together until the very last moment~




It was truly a 6th single period where I got to experience so many things.


There were many things that were different from my usual activity,
I was bewildered by things that I experienced for the first time,
there was also the matter of scheduling,
so there were things that I couldn’t process well


But it is thanks to the staff who support me by my side,
the members who reach out to me,
and Buddies who gave so many kind words,
I was somehow able to complete all of my activities.

I am really grateful~


Please continue to love “Start over!’ from now on as well~






And then,

it has been decided that our 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”

will be released on 18th October!


Various information will be relayed from now on
so please look forward to it


7th single meet & greet has been decided too,

The first balloting starts tomorrow,
13th September from 14:00 JST,
we look forward to your application

I look forward to being able to chat with you again!



Please continue to give us your support in our 7th single period as well 🌸











It’s all been words, words, and more words so far,

so I’ll put pictures here and end it~





I was happy to be able to meet you in person




Yukihime’s make up went through a lot of trial and error~




What’s this guy’s name?




I’ll post pictures from Malaysia on my Instagram as well~




Did you get this card from Sakukoi~?




The costume for UniAir’s band-themed cards~ So kyut~





see you again ⊿⊿

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