101 (2022.09.16)

Good evening 🌷


101 (2022.09.16)











This is from when we performed

at Venue101 ☺︎


I tried to put my hair up all the way, which is unusual~~







I will have the opportunity to appear on the cover of


“blt graph.vol83” magazine,

which goes on sale on Tuesday September 20th


I never thought

there would be a second time,

so it was a great honor for me…


Thank you 🙇



I really like the feel of the photos from

graph. magazine…!!



Pre-orders are also available now~


If you’d like, please check the

limited edition posters too 🫶







On Sunday September 25th, starting at 22:00

I will make an appearance on


The Tokyo TV variety show “Ariyoshi eeeee! ~ sou da! Ima kara omaen chi de gemu shinai? (Ariyoshi eeeee!~ that’s right! Shall we play a game now?)”


Surprisingly, this is a game

that was released just recently,

we played Splatoon 3 🎮



It was the best and so much fun 🦑🐙♡




I’ve been playing it every night,

so I wonder if I will be playing against all of you at some point?  LOL



It made me very happy to appear in this show once again.

Please watch it by all means ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ







On Thursday October 8th,

In the “Rakuten GirlsAward 2022 A/W” that will be held at the Makuhari Messe


I will have the opportunity to appear in the catwalk


And as a group,

we will perform too,

so please watch it by all means~~! 💃



I’ll be looking forward to your support ☺︎







In the “MTV VMAJ 2022” which will be held on

Wednesday November 2nd and Thursday 3rd (holiday)


Sakurazaka46 will make an appearance

as “LIVE ACT” 🎤


And surprisingly, it seems our captain

Sugai Yuuka-san will also serve as the MC…!


That’s soooo amazing 😳 so cool!!!



It will be the first time in 3 years that there will be an audience,

so please come by all means











I had the opportunity to introduce

some of my most recommended mystery books

in “Shueisha Online”!





Thank you 🙇🙇


Please check it out~



I also came across another very important book

that I think I really like,

so I will introduce it at some point as well ‪‪☺︎







On Friday September 16th, starting at 23:00,

we will make an appearance in


the Nippon TV music show “MUSICBLOOD”.


I’ll be looking forward to your support ( .ˬ.)”







And finally, tomorrow

it’s the Inazuma Rock Festival!!!


This is a stage I’ve even dreamed about.

I’m happy. I’m looking forward to it.


I wonder how the weather will be?


I hope it is just right for this occasion 😌☁️LOL



Let’s all have fun~!






See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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