1st Anniversary Live (2021.12.27)

It’s a bit late, but the『1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE』was held on December 9th and 10th.

Thank you to everyone who came to the venue and watched the Livestream!


I was happy to immediately hear a lot of your impressions during the meet and greet held the next day〜




The first day of the concert coincided with Sakurazaka’s first anniversary🎂

Surprisingly, it has only been a year, but so many things have happened in the past year that I thought it has been very fulfilling💭

I think it has been a year where I’ve gotten to know the members even more♡


To all of you who have come to know me in the past year, and to those who have been supporting me since Keyakizaka, thank you so much for everything!

Thank you for waving your paper fans, towels, and penlights. Thank you for sending congratulatory flowers too🌸





There were 2 surprises on the 1st day!

The first one is Yuipon’s comeback🤍


Welcome back〜

I’m glad we could celebrate our first anniversary with all members…!

The unit song “Jamaica Beer” was performed for the first time in the concert〜

I’ve always wanted to see it since the rehearsals!




The second one is… the 2nd BACKS LIVE!! will be held on January 8th and 9th.

It’s about 10 days from now…

This time too, all the BACKS members are helping each other every day…


Whether you’ve been to the last one or this is your first time, I hope you’ll come to see it!



I’m happy that Oze is here this time〜
I wonder what will be Oze’s first song as the center💭




I’m glad I got to wear this outfit, which is a color between pink and purple💗💜💗💜





I had my hair done in purple to match this outfit〜




I’ll write more later🎀



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