Illumination (2021.12.25)

Merry Christmas 🎄🌟



Today is
Christmas day~~


Illumination (2021.12.25)

I’m concerned that the ribbon
turned out a bit out of place…





How have you been spending this time? ☃️




Today I saw a lot of people
in the streets with gifts, having meals
and also carrying big bags,
it gave me a warm and comfortable feeling. 😌



I ended up taking deliberately
a portion for myself of
everyone’s feelings of happiness!






And also, for those who spent the day
without much difference from the usual,
I believe that is a happy thing as well, right?~~







Good luck to everyone!



I couldn’t help but touch all the time
the white pompons that
were attached to the ribbon ( ´・֊・` )











Yesterday was Music Station
Thank you very much! 🎄



Before it was our turn to perform, we met with Go-chan,
I was so happy~he was so cute~



All the members
had a good time 😙


Together with Yukka-san
during our song portion,
the both of us made a Christmas tree shape…



Maybe it was a bit
difficult to convey? 🤔🎄 (Laughs)



But we did practice for it~! (Laughs)








Also, during the talk before the performance,
I was very nervous, however
Tamori-san, announcer Namiki and also Matsunaga-san from Creepy Nuts DJ
were very kind and warm with us…



I have nothing but gratitude…



I was happy~ ☺️





Thank you very much!











My very beloved Christmas
is over today.


It feels lonesome…




I think I will stay up
a little bit longer than usual… 🐏


Just a little resistance…





Well then, I will write again.






See you!
Sakurazaka46 Hono Santa



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