2 years old (2022.12.13)

Good evening!



December 8th and 9th was

the Buddies’ thanksgiving festival

Thank you so much 🎂


And during the 2nd day, on the 9th

we celebrated the Sakurazaka46’s 2nd anniversary ☺︎


2 years old (2022.12.13)



I had soooooooooooo much fun!!!





I laughed so much~



I was happy.






Because the event was different

from the usual live performances,

I had different hair arrangements done for the 2 days~




I was a little bit nervous 🫢



















It was full of memories.






Everyone from the Buddies

tried many different things

to liven up the mood for Sakurazaka,


I feel that the opportunities to

really feel your love for Sakurazaka

have increased recently.


I’m really grateful and happy for it.





During this year, there were also times when

we made the Buddies feel sad and frustrated,

and I was filled with regrets that we could not meet their expectations





It’s been 2 years since the group was formed,

I wonder how the people around look at us?


For us, we sometimes wonder

how our dear and beloved Buddies think of us?

Or how would they react?


There were many times during this year

where we had to witness moments of anxiety,

and where we had to face the situations directly.




I hope that Buddies

can continue to love us after all this.


There are times when I feel anxious about it.





However, during the thanksgiving festival,

I received more love and warmth than I expected,

we ended up being wrapped up completely in 360° by the Buddies’ kindness.


It made me think that there’s still a lot more to come and that we must continue doing our best.




I will continue doing my best

so that we can become a group that

everyone can feel proud of saying that they are fan of this group,

and so that we can show you beautiful moments at the same time.



Although I believe that we will continue to borrow

power from the Buddies,

if it’s okay with you,

it would make me happy if we could climb the hill together.




Thank you so much as always ☺️












It’s been announced that we will release our 5th single

on February 15th of next year. 🌸




I want to make it a period

where more people can get to know about Sakurazaka46.


We will all work hard and do our best!







The seasons also changed and our new uniforms were unveiled,

our official promotional photos were also renewed 🍂🧸



Did you see it already?




It makes me happy that I will be able to continue working hard

with this wonderful uniform from now on.









Here are the announcements on what’s coming next~


Wednesday 14th, FNS Music Festival (FNS Kayousai)

Thursday 15th, Ariyoshi’s world simultaneous relay (Ariyoshi no sekai douji chuukei)

Saturday 17th, What we will do on Saturday!? (Douyobi wan ani suru!?)



Sunday 25th, Ariyoshii eeeee!

Wednesday 28th, COUNTDOWN JAPAN




Thank you so much.




First of all, I will do my best tomorrow at FNS Music Festival!

Please watch it ( ◜◡◝ )🌸








I had to the opportunity to be in a publication

for the bis magazine which is currently on sale.



It’s been a long time!

I’m so happy 😻



Since my birthday was very close to the time we did the shooting,

they even prepared a celebration for me 🥲

Thank you (´._.`)♡🎂




Next time when I’m home,

I’ll introduce you to

some of my favorite cosmetics from this year~



If it’s okay with you, please let me know what are your thoughts 🍬









I’ll write again.





See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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