2023 Asia Artist Awards (2023.12.17)

Good evening.









2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES











There was a world that I had never felt or seen before.








Like, how to say it,




It’s difficult to put it into words,




I really couldn’t stop getting goosebumps.



It was something I experienced for the first time.







The cheers of the audience, the excitement of the venue, the performances,



I still get excited when I think back to that time.








I genuinely felt like, “That’s so fun!!!”


from watching the performances of the other artists.




It was a truly valuable experience that inspired me a lot.









At the same time,


It also strengthened my desire to compete


at a more and more global stage.













On this occasion, Sakurazaka46 received


Popularity Award


Best Musician Award.







I’m happy to be able to have been able to achieve this result together with Buddies.





I am filled with much gratitude.


Truly, thank you very much!












we were able to perform “Shoninyokku”.





By being able to perform on that stage, I wondered if


we have taken the first step toward becoming able to do our activities internationally.







I am happy to see the great power of all the Buddies taking shape,


I am now feeling very excited to see where we can go from here.








I would like to contribute to Sakurazaka46 which continues to evolve,



and use this experience to grow even further.












In any case,



I’d like to convey my thanks to all of the Buddies.



I love you!! 🀍






I took pictures of my memories in the Phillippines.



It was my first time being overseas…!


Everything felt new and exciting.



It was so much fun~









We were able to do a collaboration with STAYC-san on TikTok!




We were able to dance “Shoninyokkyu” together

for Sakurazaka46’s account!




ISA-san, SEEUN-san






Thank you🌸





γ¨γ¦γ‚‚ε―ζ„›γγ¦ηΆΊιΊ—γ§γ—γŸ [They were so cute and beautiful] 🀍


It was very cute and beautiful🀍




η΄ ζ•΅γͺ思い出にγͺγ‚ŠγΎγ—γŸγ€œ [It has become a wonderful memory for me ] 🀍


It was a wonderful memoryγ€œπŸ€






On 17th December


The last meet & greet, signing event of the year



Thank you very much 🐰🀍





It’s been a wonderful year where I’ve been able to meet everyone who supports me.





My clothes are Christmas sweaters that I bought in the Philippines




Airi and Shii had red,


Yu and Yuzu had blue, we got matching colors~




We are in Christmas spirit πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€





Well then,


That’s all for today.



Thank you very much for reading this blog!



See ya~

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