December (2023.12.18)



Among the twelve months
December is one of my favorites




It’s brighter than usual outside
Cheerful music is playing
And there are puppies dressed as Santa-san

I feel that
This is a season when   happiness   spreads a lot to everyone



That’s why
I’m more enthusiastic in December than usual

Like “Let’s spend each day mindfully~”


I also like the words
“Merry Christmas”
“Have a good year”



No matter how many times I’m told that, I still makes me happy
I said and got told that a lot yesterday

The meet & greets for the 7th single
Are all over nowー
Thank you very much


Let’s meet at Kyoto & Makuhari next year
I’m looking forward to it







From anniversary live

Thank you as always U・x・U







It’s cold, so please dress warmly
Well then

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