#250 AAA (2023.12.20)




I’m Matsuri aka Matsuda Rina

Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation from Miyazaki.


Thank you very much for opening my blog.



We attended “2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES”!!!




Thank you very much to everyone who went to the venue, to everyone who have watched the show!




Sakurazaka46 received
“Popularity Award” and “Best Musician Award”!



We were able to receive these awards thanks to the support of the staff, and most importantly, all of the Buddies!




Truly, thank you very much as always!!




There were a lot of new things that we were unfamiliar with, but they all made a valuable experience from which we learned a lot from!




Being able to see the other artists’ performance in-person was also very inspiring and deeply moving!


It was so much fun~~!!






Thanks to all of the Buddies, we were able to gain new experience and see a new scenery!


Truly, thank you very much!





We will do our best from now on so that we could return the favor to you!







It was our first time in the Philliphines, and the locals were all so warm and kind~ ☺️



When I was choosing souvenirs, I got along really well with the clerk and hit it off with them


It was so much fun ♪









Well then!





Thank you very much for reading my blog.


See ya 🌺🌴



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