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Today on October 18, Sakurazaka46’s 7th single, “Shoninyokkyu,” released ✨





This is the 3rd single for this year… I’m happy

Thank you very much to all the Buddies for accepting us✴︎


I want to hand it over myself to every single one of you







The one who makes our existence known far and wide are all the Buddies


Thank you for giving meaning to what we do〜





Thinking of making Sakurazaka46 known,

Having expectations,

Responding to what we want to deliver,




Once again, I think it’s not something to be taken for granted

Every day is filled with things I want to say when we meet




Feelings are not one-way, so

from now on while we continue to think of each other






I feel like going anywhere and everywhere










I feel like this single’s “Shoninyokkyu” also has a cheer song element to it!


I would like to deliver the song in hopes that those who listen will be able to approve of themselves first







Please watch the MV a lot!!














Thank you very much to everyone who watched “CDTV Live! Live!”



It was our first TV performance ✨

We performed the full version!!







The MV for “Sukimakaze yo” also released🍂




During filming, I was constantly on the verge of tears

It was different from sadness




The members, staff, and everyone who was concerned



While praying that we could continue to be together from now on, I think it was a feeling similar to loneliness


Even though we were all close





Yui-san is wonderful, isn’t she〜?















🦋Tonight October 18 (Wednesday) from 23:30~

I’ll appear on Kamaigachi!


It was a prank!! 😳

Noー! I was fooledーー!!


So this is how it feels having something like this suddenly happen to me📷

It was scary and funny that I laughed〜


It’s a TV show that even those who watch on TVer add to their favorites, while those who watch on TV watch it so much that they record it every week. I’m so glad!

Please watch itー!








🦋Tomorrow October 19 (Wednesday) 22:30~23:00

I will be joining the chat on “AWA LOUNGE” with Masumoto Kira and Nakashima Yuzuki 🙋🏻‍♀️


Here’s how to join!


While listening to the 7th single’s songs

Let’s get fired up in the chat~~







🦋 October 20 (Friday) from 20:00~

On “MUSIC STATION” 2 Hour Special


We’ll appear on the show✨

I really really want you to watch it! We’ll do our best!






🦋 October 21 (Saturday) from 22:00〜



I’ll be appearing with Hono-chan, whose birthday is on that day🍰



Our theme for this time is

“Please Stop Me🙌 Somebody Please Stop Me❕”

and with that,

“Something I want to stop doing, Something I can’t stop doing”

We’ll be waiting for your mails to be sent to the official LINE account!








🦋October 24 (Tuesday) from 19:57~

We’ll appear on “Utacon”✨


I wonder what “Shoninyokkyu” with a live orchestra will be like! I want you to enjoy the difference







🦋 The real meet and greet applications have also started!

January 13 Kyoto Pulse Plaza

January 21 Makuhari Messe

It will happen in those two venues!

I’m glad they’re increasing~~



The first application round is until tomorrow October 19 (Thursday) at 23:59



I can’t forget how much fun I had the last time there was a face-to-face event this close for the first time,,




Thank you for the individual meet-and-greet applications as well!

I can’t waiiit🫧










We were also able to go to SHIBUYA TSUTAYA-san!

They will be closing for renovations at the end of October, so I’m glad we could go!!


Thank you so much for always holding a big exhibit for us*

We wrote with feelings of gratitude























Eat the things you want to eat, do the things you want to do and laugh,


Stay well, okay?*











Ozono Rei

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