#27 Would I learn something if I ran through it with all my might? (2021.09.22)


Thank you very much for opening this blog!


I’m 22 years old Endo Hikari from Kanagawa!



Thank you very much to everyone who has come, who supported us during the two days performance in Aichi!

The tour have reached a halfway point as well!

“It sure is fun to dance, to perform”. That is what I feel everyday.

I hope that you enjoy it too 😊



And at the end of the first day of Aichi performance, we showed the MV of “Dead end” that is included on the 3rd single in advance for those who came to the venue!

It’s been released in Sakurazaka46’s Official YouTube, so by all means, please give it a look!



There are many part of the lyrics that made me think, and through this song and tour, I am facing my “present” head on.

I’m still lacking, but I hope that I’d be able to grasp it by running with all my might.










Earlier, the tracklist for 3rd single “Nagaredama” has been announced.

And I will be participating among our first unit songs as Sakurazaka46!

The title is “Jamaica Beer”

I am singing it with Kobayashi Yui-san and Fujiyoshi Karin-chan.

One of my dreams is to be able to join a unit one day, and I thought “There is still a long way to go. I’ll do my best each time.”

So much I found it truly unbelievable that I will be able to join my first unit.


Singing, performance, expression, personality. I’m a part of a unit with these two that is full of things I respect of, so I’d like to do my best in my own way.

I’d be happy if you could listen to it a lot!


The bonus video is continuing from last time’s SAKURA BANASHI, is “SAKURA MEGURI”

I’m together with Karin-chan and Ten-chan ✨

It was a filming with that is full of smiles!


And another one, the BACKS LIVE!! 〜Center performance collections〜
is also included!

It’s a truly memorable live performance for me.
Nobody’s fault DAY2 is also included, so by all means, please give it a look!


Please look forward to it.




The 7th ~ 9th round of application for 3rd single’s commemorative meet & greet has been decided!


Would you talk about 3rd single’s “Dead end”, unit song “Jamaica Beer” and such with me?


There are sill many slots available, so I’d be happy if you could come and see me!

I’ll be waiting 🦋✨

You can see it from here ↓





Thank you very much for reading my blog again today ☺︎

I’d be happy if you could read my next blog as well!

Well then!


Hikari 💜🦋



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