Aichi (2021.09.22)



Good afternoon!



Thank you to everyone who came to the tour’s Aichi performance!

Did you have a good time〜?


I’m happy to see lots of towels and paper fans with my name 🎀


You know that your arms are going to hurt, but you kept on raising the towel…

And it must have been difficult to make the character Rina (莉菜) in detail…

I appreciate all of it!


I got my picture taken at the end of the concert.

I’m glad because I’ve been longing for a t-shirt with a different design for each venue…!


Akiho-chan, my neighbor for the 1st single〜

You are always fun and I love you ♡


She wore a Fukuoka t-shirt to the rehearsal for the Aichi performance
and seemed to be unaware that it had “Fukuoka” written on it, which was cute…

I wonder if she’ll wear her Aichi t-shirt to the rehearsal for the Osaka performance〜?(lol)




During dinner, we were free to choose our seats,
But naturally, we all gathered at a table near each other.
The time we spent laughing is happiness.



The next stop is Osaka〜!

Everyone in Kansai, please wait for us〜🌸



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