#280 Tanabata wishes (2024.07.09)



It’s Matsuda Rina aka Matsuri-chan

Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member from Miyazaki.


Thank you very much for opening my blog.





It was Tanabata the other day, wasn’t it?



My grandmother made her own tanabata strips, and wrote something for everyone in the family



I was so moved to see her praying for everyone’s health, the words of gratitude, her show of support

[T/N: Written is “Rina-chan, do your best at work”]

Thanks, granny!!

I’ll do my best at work!


[T/N: “I won’t forget Meru-chan”, “May Popo-san lives a long life”]

There’s one for Meru-chan and Po-san as well!










May everyone could be smiling 🎋




‪𓂃 𓈒𓏸◌‬






From “CDTV Live! Live!”-san’s performance~!

Thank you very much for everyone who watched!





To think that we’ll be able to perform a full version of the song again…!!

It made me so happy~!





I was also happy to be able to wear this costume~ 🤤












Inoue Rina took these pictures for me

Thank you-tan





‪𓂃 𓈒𓏸◌‬





Thank you very much for miiguri too!



Next on is on 27th July!





I cut my bangs a little so they are easier to style


I can even style it like a proper bangs


I feel that there’s a lot of people who likes me with bangs


But I still don’t want an actual bangs


I’ll be cutting it one day, just wait for it


Please enjoy bangless Rina-chan as well





Well then, farewell!!




Thank you very much for reading my blog.



See ya🌺🌴




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