#33 To be myself (2021.11.10)

Thank you very much for opening this blog!

I’m 22 years old Endo Hikari, from Kanagawa!


The other day we held the final performance of Sakurazaka46 1st Tour, and safely finished it!

To everyone who came, to everyone who watched the stream, to everyone who sends us your power, I think that it is thanks to all of you that we were able to run through our first tour like this.

Thank you very much for your many support ✨

During this tour, there are many moments when I faced my “present”.

There are many times when I feel down because of how frustrated I am with my current self who cannot catch up with who I want to be, but from there I could find a new side of myself and my feeling of wanting to pass it on to the next step grew stronger.

And gratefully, 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE has been decided.

I want to grow even more so that Sakurazaka46 could be a group that reaches the heart of many people.

Here are some pictures 📷


Fuyuka-san Akipoppo

🐰Thank you for noticing my feelings and always staying by my side during the tour


I wish I took more pictures…
But I’m really glad to be able to face this tour with the best that I can, so I’ll take plenty of it during the anniversary live~!


At the meguri on the other day, there are more people who came to see me than ever before, and I am truly happy to be able to talk with each person.

Thank you very much for your much support.

It makes me so happy to hear people say things like “Congratulations!” or “Glad to see you appear here and there!” or “I’d love to see you in more places!” to me a lot.

Your words always make me think “So it’s okay for me to be myself”, “So everyone has the same feeling of wanting to work harder”, it reassures me, it gave me a lot of courage and happiness.

Thank you as always!
From now on too I’d like to do my best together with everyone!

I’m still waiting [to see you] in meguri〜!✨
If you would like, let’s have a chat ♪
I look forward to talking with you 😊

【14th Round】
10 November 14:00 JST until 11 November 14:00 JST!


I will be waiting for you〜🦋✨


Announcement 📮

I and Ozono Rei-chan will be appearing for the first time as well as featured on the cover for the first time on MARQUEE vol.144, which will be released on 22nd November!

I’m happy that I could finally announce it to you✨

Please look forward to the release!


Thank you very much for reading my blog today☺︎

I’d be glad if you can read my next blog too!

Well then!

Hikari 💜🦋

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