Japanese style clothing (2021.11.10)

Good afternoon 🦛



Sakurazaka46’s “Nagaredama”
had the privilege of receiving
this year’s MTV award for
“Best Japanese Music New Artist Video”.



I’m very happy…
Thank you very much 😖🥀




From among the different award winners,
the overall “Best Video Award”
will be decided by voting.




We will have the opportunity
to participate in the December event as well,
and therefore, the one that received the biggest amount of votes
will be announced as the winner of the “Best Video Award”.




The voting deadline is
until Wednesday, November 17th!



↓For voting, please go to this link




If you refresh the page,
you can vote many times.







And then,
it seems like I am going on and on without stop but,
the voting for the 2021 MTV EMA “Best Japan Act” is


Until tomorrow the 11th,
until 7:59 AM.




Until the end…!
I look forward to your support 🙇🌸










Kira-chan took these photos for me 🌟


Thank you~!





I’ve been asked a lot during the Meet & Greets about


What I’m watching now, things that I watched and thought were interesting,
From manga, anime, drama, movies and novels,
I will introduce them to you all at once~



Manga Series 🎍


・Kaiju No.8


・Oshi no ko






Anime Series 🧵






・Blue Period


・Sword Art Online






・Locke & Key


・Hotel Del Luna


・Shinhannin Flag


・Nigatsu no Shosha


・Nihon Chinbotsu




Movies 🚀


・Hikari no Otousan


・Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime (Belle)




Novels 🃏


・La Femme Au Carnet Rouge (The Red Notebook)


・Koori no Kujira





If anyone has any recommendations too,
please let me know~~



Japanese style clothing (2021.11.10)


In the “MORE” magazine which is now on sale,


There was an article published
together with Hii-chan 👭🏻



I’m happy~ I had fun~



In the interview,
we talked about
each other’s fashion!


Please check it out by all means ( ˆᴗˆ )





we will be in “Best Hits Kayosai (Song Festival)”!


The timetable
is also available to the public,
we will have the opportunity to perform
from 19:30 to 20:00. 🥀



I am very happy
we will be able to deliver from Osaka
after such a long time (>_<)



Please watch it~~





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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