3rd (2021.08.09)

Good evening


It has been decided that

our 3rd single, “Nagaredama”

will be released on 13th October (Wed).


Thank you very much.


And I has been entrusted

with the center position

of the title song, “Nagaredama”.


I will dedicate my everything to do my best

to do anything that I can do for Sakurazaka46.


So that we could be a group that constantly evolving

and moving forward,

I’d like to do my best with everyone

in this single as well.


To the fans

who always support me

Truly thank you very much.


You always find me

no matter where I am [placed] [that] I know that you are supporting me.

From now on

please continue to come with me

and continue to be by my side.


I also want to stay the same in a good way.


After the announcement,

the face of the fans come to my mind.

I thought about how glad I am

if you are happy [from this announcement]…




everyone who support Sakurazaka46

Truly thank you very much.

I sincerely love all of you.


You have met us in

many different forms,

you taken interest in us,

you come to like us,

you continued to like us,

and you always support us,

truly thank you very much.


Please continue your support of Sakurazaka46

from now on.



I often feel frustrated

during my activity,

whether as an individual or as a group,

and there are many things that I still lack.


I will continue to do my best,

without forgetting [to have] beginner’s heart and the desire to improve.


It’s a brief and clumsy writing,

but thank you very much for reading it.


Please look forward to

the 3rd single!!


There is 8 days left

to the release of [my] 1sts photobook, “Ippo-me”🚶

See ya!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono

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