3rd Single (2021.08.10)

It has been announced that Sakurazaka46’s 3rd single “Nagaredama” will be released on 13th October ✨

Thank you very much!!!!

It is also thank you all of you that has been waiting that we are able to release a single in such a short period since the last one.

I was given a position on the left side of the third row from your point of view, for the Hikaru-chan centered common coupling song for all types.

I will fight against myself and do my best ٩( ‘ω’ )و


And starting from tomorrow the first application period for 3rd Single’s Meet & Greet will start!

Ever since [the system] has changed into meguri, I have always want to do my best to sell at least one slot~ 🥰💭

I will be waiting for you!!!





Please be mindful of yourself and have a great summer vacation~ 🎐







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