3rd (2021.08.10)

It has been decided that the 3rd single “Nagaredama”
will be released on 13th October.


I am excited to be able to create new work as Sakurazaka.
I hope that our unique individuality will show more in the 3rd single.


This time the position of the title song center
has been given to Hono 🌸

I want her to do her best while taking it easy!



And I will be participating in Risa centered song(s)!


But to say, I’m just very happy.
I’m incredibly happy to be able to participate in song(s) where a 1st generation member with whom I have been working together for a long time with will be the center.
And I am proud. I look forward to it.

I am filled with the desire to make it into something good.

Please look forward to it!


And then,
Meguri will be hold in 3rd single as well!!

I look forward to being able to
relaxly chat with you again~😋

The first application period will be open tomorrow from 2PM~ JST
I will be waiting for you~!



because I wasn’t able to participate in 2nd single meguri due to my hiatus
there will be a transfer here!
Please wait for the detailed schedule to be announced 🙇‍♂️



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



The national tour that will begin in September,
the title has been decided to be:

Sakurazaka46 1st Tour 2021 🌸


Starting from Fukuoka in September

Osaka, Aichi

And the final destination is Saitama Super Arena.

Koba’s hometown!



May our first tour in two years,
could be safely held!!

The advance application for fanclub has already started, so please check the details here~


May many people come to see us.



A picture with Kira
I haven’t uploaded yet 🤳




The existence for each members for Sakurazazka,
and for me as well,


are precious and important.

I hope that they are like that as well for you!



See ya~



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