3rd Anniversary 🌸 (2023.11.29)

Thank you very much for opening my blog 🐈‍⬛

It’s Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira 🌸




We safely completed “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”
that was held in ZOZO Marine Stadium! 🌸

Truly, thank you very much to everyone who have come to the venue, who have watched through streaming, and those who have always cheered for us! ✨️









The two days concert was really fun.
I think we were able to create a truly, truly wonderful concert with everyone,
So much so that there were some members who said, “I think we never had a concert this fun before!”.








This is my personal feelings,
But I hope that you could give it a listen.



On the first and second year, we worked as hard as we could.


On the first year, we did not have any idea on what we are aiming for.

On the second year, although we start to be able to see the shape of it,
we experienced setbacks and seemed to lose sight of the right answer.



Of course we received a lot of support from the Buddies,
We were only able to do our activities thanks to the Buddies, but we also had our own battles to fight, so to say…

We want to show the Buddies a wonderful sight.
We want to give back, we want you all to smile. I think we all had such strong feelings.





But, at some point, we started to think

It’s not that Sakurazaka46 exist because of all of the Buddies
But Sakurazaka46 is something that we create together with Buddies.



While our desire to give it our best for all of you remains unchanged,
But of feelings of wanting to work together with “you” is even stronger.

I wonder if I can rely on all the Buddies who are looking in the same direction and doing their best as well?, so I thought.





I don’t think that I was able to summarize it well…
But I think that in the past year, I think we were able to move forward hand in hand with the help of everyone at Buddies more than ever before.
I really think that is why we were able to agree that the concert was awesome, and I think that is why we were able to have so many happy announcements to give!



I’d like to continue to see many different sights with the Buddies from now on.
Truly, thank you as always!!

I love you all 🌸

Please continue to give us your support in our 4th year as well!!








I took so many pictures, so let me post them here 📸





Numarin 🫶
We ate gyutan together


We went to get drinks at the cafe car together



Itoha-chan 🫶
She is truly a kind-hearted child
She made tamago kake gohan for me 🥚



The duo that would smile whenever our eyes meet 🫶🫶




Reina-chan 🫶
Seeing Rena-chan always smiling, even though she must be having a lot of difficulties, gives me the strength I need to do my best, too 💪(´・_・`💪)






Konnagi-chan 🫶
She hugged me tightly, cute







Habu-san, congratulations on your graduation.






Ever since I was positioned next to Habu-san
In the 5th single, our distance 5has become so much shorter than before.

I was nervous about participating on my first title song, but she always comforted me.
At this time too, we talked about trivial things while warming up by the heater stove!
I remember it so vividly like it only just happened yesterday.



I am sure that the warmth that I felt that time didn’t just come from the heater stove~







Even if I can’t see what’s ahead of me,
Just knowing that Habu-san is there puts me at ease already.

It’s not just in this moment, but all the time.




When she took me to the place that I have always wanted to go to.

At the monjayaki restaurant, we exchanged puns with the clerk, and it was super fun, wasn’t it?







I have a strong impression of seeing Habu-san’s side profile.
I guess it’s because she always pay attention to her surroundings… 👀





Habu-san is the perfect example of “kind to others, but hard on one’s self”.

There is a weight to the smile that she generously give to us.
Not just her smile, but every expression shown on her face touches people’s hearts.

I am sure that behind every expression,
Lies the path that Habu-san has taken until now, which is something beyond measure.

I think that is what makes Habu-san so cool.



I wasn’t able to say it well during ceremony, so I tried to put it into words, but it’s difficult… She truly is such a cool person.






Habu-san, who have given us much happiness.
I truly, truly hope that she could live for her own self from now on.


For all the time she has made everyone smile,
I hope that she could make her own self smile from now on.


Still, I’m sure that she want
To make everyone smile and happy.


As long as Habu-san is happy,
As long as Habu-san is smiling,
It’ll make us happy.




I hope that Habu-san’s future will be a dazzling one.


I love you!





Thank you very much for reading until the end!

Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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