4 (2022.03.16)





Good evening!



Have you seen
4th single Samidare yo’s MV?🤔


It was all shot using a film camera!
It has become a video that has warmth and nostalgic feeling
I like it very much☺️







Hikaru-chan who are always fooling around with me 🌱









The cute, adorable, Rinas 😌







And all the CD jacket pictures have also been released 🕊

And limited to Sony Music Shop, a special version will also be released!

This time again, it was produced by Team PERIMETRON

Please look forward to the release at 6th April 🌸



Please also look forward to the release of Boku no Dilemma MV! 🕺







And today, starting from 9PM JST
I will be doing a SHOWROOM stream
to commemorate the decision to release of graduation memorial book,
By all means please give it a look if you have the time ☺️





See ya~

Watanabe Risa



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