Shade (2022.03.12)

Good evening. 🌻


Today it was very warm, right?


Or perhaps I should say, it was actually hot?
I was very surprised~


Everyone too, please take care of your health, okay? 🧐


It feels like the last summer is being resurrected
Somehow every year
I feel nervous and restless about it…


Kind of like “It’s coming!” “it’s starting!”.


I hope that there are
a lot of fun things this year too~!

Shade (2022.03.12)




It’s been decided that Sakurazaka46
will have the opportunity to perform
in the first day of the festival on Sunday, May 1st.  🎌


After entering this year,
this will be our first live event.
I’m happy.


It feels like it’s been a long time since we had a live performance
I’m already nervous from now… 😳


Please come by all means, I’ll be waiting~


In the upcoming April 2022 issue of “Gekkan (Monthly) Volleyball” magazine
which will be released on Tuesday March 15th


I will be featured in the 1st entry
of their new serialization project
“A Story of me and volleyball” 🏐( ˆ࿀ˆ )


I went back in time and talked a lot about in detail
of my 14 years of volleyball life
from kindergarten to college!


It seems you will be able to have a peek at my school days
Which is somewhat a bit embarrassing… 😳 (Laughs).


To have an idol like me featured in the “Gekkan Volleyball”
which I’ve read since I was in elementary school
it’s really surprising… I was very happy about it. 🙇


I had the opportunity to have pictures taken
like I was a volleyball player,
I was also able to touch the ball again
And I got very excited! (laughs).


Please take a look by all means~


Tomorrow Sunday 13th, at 21:00


I will send a Vhonotalk video
in the Sakurazaka46 Message App ( . .)”


[Total coverage] Compilation of break times within Sokosaku 📸
The members also make an appearance ✨ Introducing Kira’s special skill?! 🙊🤍


The video this time is my favorite~!
Please look forward to it ( ¯ω¯ )


See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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