3.11 (2022.03.11)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒
From Sakurazaka46
Since the Great East Japan Earthquake that claimed many lives
11 years have passed.
Everyone, what were you doing that day?
narrated in VR together with Sakamichi Series
[Sakurazaka46 x Earthquake Disaster Narrator・Kesennuma Edition]
This time, we were allowed to visit the old school building of Kesennuma Koyo High School and talk with the narrator, Kondo-san.
The old school building of Kesennuma Koyo High School is still the same as it was back then.
Cars, fishing boats, scattered desks and textbooks had been swept away by the tsunami.
I was left speechless at the magnitude of the damage.
At the same time, I was struck with fear at the power of the tsunami.
At that time, I was in 5th grade of elementary school in Tokyo, when a magnitude 5 earthquake struck during a lesson.
Everyone hid under their desks all at once and waited for the earthquake to subside.
It felt like it was shaking for a really long time.
Seeing the class goldfish get thrown out of its bowl onto the floor by the shaking of the earthquake
I remember being struck with anxiety and fear, thinking “What is going to happen?”
Turning on the TV when I got home and watching the footage of the sea swallowing up more and more houses
“Is this really happening in the same Japan I live in?”
The memories of the shock are still clear in my mind to this day.
Being allowed to visit the area struck by disaster 11 years later and once again know the horror of natural disasters, I was keenly struck by the fear of having the daily life I take for granted snatched away from me.
And I think that there is great meaning in preserving the old school building of Kesennuma Koyo High School the way it was since then.
When we are living our normal, daily lives without worries, our awareness of disaster prevention inadvertently tends to diminish, but I thought that I’d like each and every one of us to once again hold awareness of disaster prevention in high regard and prepare for it.
From here on, there will be more people who do not know about this earthquake disaster.
I think that what we can do is learn from the lessons that the Great East Japan Earthquake taught us and pass on these things.
This time, thank you very much for allowing me to experience such a precious opportunity.
And to the narrator Kondo-san.
Thank you very much for welcoming us warmly.
Definitely check it out here please..
Thank you very much for reading until the end.
See ya〜

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