#55 Meet & Greet (2022.08.07)

Thank you very much for opening this blog.


I’m 23 years old Endo Hikari from Kanagawa.




I was happy to be able to talk with all of you who came to the meguri today. Thank you very much ☺︎

I had to take an absence from the 3rd round onwards due to poor physical condition.

I am greatly sorry to those of you who had arranged your schedules to make time for meguri.🥲

This afternoon I was able to rest for a little, my mind rested, and I’m feeling better now 😌

If your schedule allows for it, by all means, please do come and visit me in the next meguri. I am looking forward to seeing you.


I took a couple of pictures so 📷

And… I also took a video today. I’m thinking of uploading it to mobame tomorrow.
Please look forward to it. 🌱


It’s a short one today, I’ll end it here.




Thank you very much for reading my blog again today ☺︎


I’d be happy if you could read the next one as well.


Well then~

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