Restless (2022.08.06)

Good morning



Yesterday we had the live broadcast in Youtube
Thank you so much.


How was our first performance
of “Masatsukeisuu”…? 😳



It seems a lot of people
were able to watch it,
so I’m very happy…


Restless (2022.08.06)



I was able to take shots of Marina-chan‘s
four-panel comic strip again. LOL





And then, in here
we announced
this year’s tour.


Thank you very much 🙇


I wonder if the fanclub’s advanced ticket reservation
has already started!


I’d like to write more
about the tour later ☺︎










And these are the announcements for today, Saturday August 6th.


🕰 From 10:30
Nippon TV variety show “Zeroichi”



Continuing from last week,
I will have the opportunity to make an appearance ☺️



There’s also a new challenge this time…!



Please watch it by all means





🕰 From 18:00
Fuji TV music show “MUSIC FAIR”



We will have the opportunity to perform
“Masatsukeisuu” for the first time in TV.


Please watch it ~ please watch it ~






Tomorrow, we have meet & greet sessions!
I will be waiting 🦖





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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