6th April (2022.04.06)

Today is the release date of 4th single “Samidare yo”!





I feel somewhat relieved that it could safely be released ☺️










To commemorate the release, panel exhibitions are being held in CD SHOPs nationwide!!





I’m grateful!!












And today, we visited SHIBUYA TSUTAYA!












We also wrote signs and comments!




By all means, please do come to visit and look around from one end to the other!
















And in Tokyu Shibuya Stream, this exhibition is being displayed!











This was made by OSRIN-SAN and PERIMETRON team who have been working on Sakurazaka46’s artwork.





It’s an exhibition filled with love where you can directly feel the world-view of the 4th single’s CD jacket pictures!







This is the first time we had an exhibition like this, so by all means please come and visit 👀
















And so this day we went to various places,


and the realization that it’s going on sale made me thrilled.




Once again I felt a lot of love that filled my heart…



Truly, thank you very much!





















TenCame 🐢









“Photoshoot for the CD jackets”



















Someone took this picture of me~











“Samidare yo”
































“Boku no Dilemma”











































































































Photo by Karin











There are still so many pictures that I want to upload, so look forward to it!









A work that is filled with the thoughts and feelings of many people.



The members also produced this with precious feelings.




I hope that it may reach you.









Well then,




We look forward to your support of the 4th single “Samidare yo!”

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