One after another, Connected and overlapped (2022.04.06)




One after another



Connected and overlapped
When the retrofitted elements come together.




Looking back on the whole thing again,





All the things we’ve built up until now
have become one solid mass called “coincidence”…




The feeling that it’s a coincidence, that it’s a miracle.
More than it happening.
It’s something that comes up one after another!








Today, April 6, I felt it.


It’s the release date of Sakurazaka46’s 4th single, “Samidare yo.”
It’s the 6th anniversary of the first generation-san’s debut✨.






Where it all began.
Currently, at Tokyu Shibuya Stream



OSRIN-san and the Perimetron team have created the same sakura tree as the artwork!









I heard that the road connecting Tokyu Shibuya Stream to Sakuragaoka in Shibuya is currently under construction.



I would like to walk on the completed road someday!




I hope everyone will enjoy
the world of the artwork!









Thank you for this wonderful display of love!



We’ve written messages in many places!


Please find them!





They have also spread out “Samidare yo” in other various places!


Thank you so much!


I hope you all find and enjoy them in many different places ☔️

















































“Samidare yo” and “Boku no Dilemma” offshots〜〜


I read every single comment on the official YouTube*.


Thank you.


An artwork and jacket photography with a new world view
Choreography, music video shooting, etc.


I love the production period between creating something new and delivering it to everyone!


Everything that we do,
is only possible when when you, the recipients, are there.


Thank you so much for your support 🌸





Those who support us and are involved with us,
I spend every day thanking all of you!







We will be starting our 4th single meet and greet very soon!


Thanks to everyone who applied!





Can’t wait to see you*








🤍Tonight, Wednesday, April 6, from 10:20 p.m. (due to extended baseball)
on Recomen!


I will be appearing with Hono-chan 🧸


Please have a listen~*











Ozono Rei

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