7 Year Anniversary of Keyakizaka46’s Formation (2022.08.25)

On August 21st, we reached the 7 year anniversary of Keyakizaka46’s formation🌳

We’re Sakurazaka46 now, but Keyakizaka46 is absolutely part of what made me what I am today.

The days spent as Keyakizaka are something I cherish as I continue to do my best in my activities as Sakurazaka🌸

And to our fans that are always supporting us

Thank you so much for continuing to give us your warm support no matter the circumstances.

I will continue to give my full effort in giving you all even a little more energy to liven up your every day!

So let’s live it out together☺️

And lastly, to the members

I’ll never forget the words the 2nd generation members said to me on the day we were celebrating our 7 year anniversary😳💭💭

The incredibly lovely, cute, reliable 2nd generation members,
I hope we can see many more wonderful things together…

And thank you for meeting us 1st generation members😘

I’m grateful you were all born🙏

I love you!!

We’ve safely broken into our 8th year, but it has been announced that our captain, Sugai Yuuka, who has always stood at the frontlines to protect us all this time, will be graduating.

Hearing we only have 2 months left before then makes it feel so short, but the fact that we have the tour is a huge relief.

For the next 2 months, I want to spend my days hearing lots of Yuuka’s singing voice, taking videos of her joking around, answering her in a loud voice, and just having fun with her😆🐴❕

The only two-shot of us I took was this photo from rehearsal…_| ̄|○💧lolol

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