7th Debut Anniversary (2023.04.18)

On April 6, Keyakizaka46 and the first-generation members
Celebrated the 7th year of our debut!

It is because of everyone’s support
That I am able to continue up to this point.

Thank you very much for everything!



And thank you
to those who watched 
the 7th anniversary SHOWROOM 🎂

I’m counting on you in the 8th year too🤍



Matching key holder

was written by Mii-chan💭




The 3rd tour started last week🌸



In last year’s 2nd tour,
I broke a bone during the tour,
So I had to be absent
for the Aichi and Fukuoka concerts
I’m very sorry.

Sorry, it took me so long 
to update my blog about this.



That was the first time I missed a concert
So I was so frustrated and sad…

I asked the staff to let me work 
with the members throughout both 
the Aichi and Fukuoka performances.



It was the first time I watched
My own group from the audience seating
So I was able to learn something

I saw from the audience seating
That there were many people who brought my oshimen goods
I feel happy and sorry at the same time.

Thank you very much!



There were a lot of people
Who asked, “Has your bone healed already?” in the meet & greet and fan letters.
My bones completely healed…!



I will do my best to finish
this year’s 3rd tour!



The Aichi concert will start tomorrow.

I will do my best to make sure
that everyone who said
“I went to watch last year, but you weren’t there…”
will be able to see me in good health!




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