A blog where I was wondering on what words should I write, but right now I just wanted to say thank you (2024.02.15)

Thank you very much for opening my blog.


I’m Mukai Itoha, 17 years old 2nd year high schooler
From Hiroshima




I received news that all of my slots for 8th single Online Meet & Greet has been sold out.


Truly, thank you very much.



I think that each person has their own way of showing support and that miiguri is not all that matters,

But it makes me happy to think that you are coming to see me, so for that I’m writing this blog



Every time, I thought about what should I do to make it fun for you all, but all of you who are coming always end up being the ones making it fun for me instead


I even imagine about how you prepared a lot of things, such as what topic of conversation we should have, which then makes me happy ^._.^



During miiguri, you said things like

For meeting Itoha,
I bought this dress
I went to the beauty salon
I dressed up

For meeting Itoha
I brought my cat with me
I brought my dog with me
I bought some goods
I had a plushie of Itoha’s favorite character

The word “For Itoha…” is added at the start of every sentence, which truly made me happy and glad to the point that it warmed my heart to high temperature ^._.^


Itoha herself is very much looking forward to meeting everyone, it makes me want to shout out loud ”I dressed up for you ♡”


I really like the time I spent choosing to what to wear while thinking of all of you

It just so happen that I was just choosing what to wear for miiguri!





Learning about how everyone are making a lot of preparations on their own

Made Itoha feel all smug like, “Itoha feels so relieved that it’s not one-sided, but it’s mutual feeling~”!! lol





I will give back what I received by double, triple, quadruple the amount and be sure to make you have fun ^._.^


Let’s enjoy the 8th single period to the fullest!! ♡



Truly, thank you very much.



Well then, see you again.




Popping out


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