Happy Valentine #nagisablog

Hello everyone, it’s been a while ☺︎
It’s Sakurazaka46’s Kojima Nagisa


Since yesterday is valentine day, I’d like to show my beloved pictures to everyone~ ☺︎



Reina and Miu’s gaze and the surprised Airi face
So cute…( ; ; )


I took a lot of pictures of them fooling around lol



Continuing on is the 2nd Ikemen Grand Prix in “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”☺︎
I talked about it in my mobame for a bit, but I’ll do so in my blog as well~

I am happy to be be able to share these preciousness with you all. They were such a beauty that you don’t want to talk much about, but you end up blabbering a lot about it anyway.




Hono-san and 🧸
Hikaru-san aka Morita-kun 🌱


I love this so much I had this as my phone wallpaper for some time
Their acting in SokoSaku was amazing too~
Wasn’t it!? ︎☺︎



Morita-kun and Rii 👼🏻
Riko who is being so tense as her [his?] is wrapped around her shoulder
So cute( ; ; )



Morita-kun and Marino-san 🎀

Marino-san was blushing the whole time during recording, she was so cute


Side profile!!



And lastly…



There was so many photographer rushing about that their faces got cut off, but at least you could feel the atmosphere of them as a groupIt was truly very difficult when I had to raise the name placard…
Their hairstyle, way of standing, gestures
The six of them truly went all out for it, it was amazing
If only there were a placard that says “Everyone”~




Thank you very much for reading until this far!



The day when I was all excited about heart-shaped chocolate with Airi
I’m sharing happiness and chocolate with all of you 🍫



All of you Buddies
Thank you as always
I love you~☺︎


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