anan “Beauty Slope Climber” (2022.02.22)



I’m Sakurazaka46’s
Moriya Rena 🍒





I was appointed as a new member of
anan’s “Beauty Slope Climber” ✨





Until now, Moriya Akane-san has been the one representing Sakurazaka.

I am very happy to be able to take over this position

from Akane-san, who is filled with love for beauty.

And I am truly honored to have been selected as a new member.


I myself am interested in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and I have always liked to look for things that suit me.

I’d like to study a lot from now on
to cherish my love for beauty and aim for a higher level of beauty.

I’d like to spread information so that everyone who reads it will think “Interesting!” or “I want to use this as a reference!” ♡







A member of Beauty Slope Climber
Hinatazaka46’s Takamoto Ayaka-san.

And Nogizaka46’s Iwamoto Renka-san
and from Sakurazaka46 is me, Moriya Rena,
who will be joining as a new member from this edition.


The three of us also had a conversation together🌷


We had a fun time talking about a lot of topics, such as beauty or the groups ☺︎

I hope that we could gather together like this again and talk about beauty!


From now on, the three of us will start a monthly relay series 💄


I look forward to your continued support from now on 🙇🏻‍♀️🌸


『anan』edition No.2288
is on sale today 22nd February!
Please do give it a check







And finally…

I will be having a VTR appearance in TBS Love it!
tomorrow, 23rd February, from 8AM JST~ 🐰🃏



I am happy to be invited again…



It was very funny! I had a fun card game recording as we played a card ranking game you could play with your family together with comedians and Hono-chan☺︎

It was just so funny that I laughed a lot 🤣

Please go give it a look



Love it 🐰💗



Thank you very much for reading until the end.


See ya~


Rena 🍒

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