Announcement (2022.07.20)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒




This morning, the back covers and comment on the jacket for my 1st photobook
“The Rock, Paper, Scissors of Smiles”
have been unveiled!





“No matter how cross you are with Moriya Rena, once she flashes her smile at you, you’ve lost.
Moriya Rena’s smile is the ultimate ‘playing after the opponent’ rock-paper-scissors”





I’m really happy to receive such a comment on the jacket☺︎
Thank you very much.






Have you seen the back covers〜?


There are various patterns,


The standard edition comes with a photo of me and the Standard Poodle Puu-chan.


HMV’s edition comes with a photo of me where I did a little dress up.


Rakuten’s edition comes with a photo of me as a rabbit.


TSUTAYA’s edition comes with a photo of me at the beach on Ishigaki Island.




I think you will be able to meet many sides of me in these.
Please be sure to check them out 👒




The Standard Poodle, Puu-chan
was too cute 🐶💗







The sea in Okinawa was really beautiful… 🏖














My Photobook Release Memorial SHOWROOM
streaming today, 20th July (Wednesday), 21:00~
has been decided✨✨



For this SHOWROOM stream
Only for those who watched it
You may be able to get
a SHOWROOM limited edition poster ♡



It will not be included in the photobook
It will be something you can only obtain here!



I’d like to talk about the inside stories for this photobook
and various episodes that happened


I would be happy if you would tune in to watch, by all means🧸🫧


Also, there’s a certain thing
I’m thinking of wearing today💓

I’m looking forward to 21:00~☺︎




See ya〜




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