Ongaku no Hi 2022 Samidare yo(2022.07.20)

Good afternoon!



I appeared in
Ongaku no Hi 2022 🌸


To those who watched, thank you very much!



We performed “Samidare yo” at the Japan National Stadium☁️


I had seen it from the outside before,
but I have never been inside
so I was glad I could get in! It was so wide〜



Since I styled my hair in a braid,
the members and manager-san
gave me a lot of compliments🍒








The collar design of this costume is different
for the 1st, 2nd, and new 2nd generation
I noticed it when I was taking pictures…!



Habu chu-wintail🎀
Habu-chan makes me laugh every day〜



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