As you know? (2022.08.03)



I’m Moriya Rena🍒





Sakurazaka46’s 1st Album
“As you know?”


Today, 3rd August (Wednesday), the release date
has arrived without a hitch.



We were able to reach this day
thanks to everyone who always supports us
and the many people that worked with us to make it happen.
We are full of gratitude.
Thank you very much.



We will give our best
so that we can continue bringing joy to everyone.






And this morning

we visited

Shibuya Stream





This time too, there were many exhibits that were filled with love
and it made me really happy.





At Shibuya Stream
the wall was beautifully decorated
with artworks of us


I wanted to look at them forever, it was so touching 😢

Thank you very much for the wonderful exhibits.














When I looked around the store, it was overflowing with Sakurazaka 🌸






In addition to the supersized panels
even the ceiling was decorated with posters



There were also booths set up for each of us
and the display boards were packed with messages
filled with love




I was really so happy,
I kept taking pictures of them the whole time☺︎




These words made me extremely happy.
And there were also comments about my photobook.
Thank you so much for your support.☺︎



Fo~und you!












We left autographs and messages in many places
so please be sure to look for them ♪






And for our 1st album “As you know?”
downloads and streaming
are now available!


Please listen to it a lotーー😉





It was just announced earlier!
On 5th August (Friday), 19:30
we will have an urgent live broadcast
on the Sakurazaka46 Official Youtube Channel ✨✨

It’s the first performance for “Masatsu Keisuu”!

Please look forward to it ☺︎







Published on 3rd August (Wednesday)
In “TVstation” Issue #16

Interviews with the three of us are being featured:
Inoue Rina, Onuma Akiho and myself, Moriya Rena

I’d be happy if you would read them, by all means🤍





Crank In! has published

interviews with the three of us


You can read them here.
I’d be happy if you would read them, by all means!









On 4th August (Thursday), 22:00〜

To commemorate the release
of our 1st album “As you know?”
Koike Minami-san, Ozono Rei and Masumoto Kira will be making an appearance
on AWA’s online platform, LOUNGE.

Inoue Rina and myself
will be making an appearance during the special talk.

Please be sure to check it out🤍




See ya〜


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